New dig at Caerau Hillfort – Getting excited yet?!

The digging season for the award-winning CAER Heritage Project is upon us. Run in conjunction with the local community and Cardiff University’s School of History, Archaeology and Religion, CAER Heritage Project investigates the Iron Age hillfort in Caerau, west Cardiff. This serene site nestled among thousands of residences and a stone’s throw from a major dual carriageway, has been investigated for several years by the project and even starred in an episode of Channel Four’s Time Team with Tony Robinson. The public are invited to get involved in the trenches or as spectators; joining information is at the link. SHARE with Schools members will be getting involved at this and other CAER activities, and our faculty link Dave Wyatt is a leading member of the project. We hope to see some of you local kids and adults there!

CAER Heritage Project

From 30th June to 25th July we’ll be digging again at Caerau Hillfort – read on to find out what we’re going to be searching for and how you can get involved!

More than 1,000 people visited the excavations in 2013 and 120 were directly involved in the digging. We opened three trenches within the interior of the hillfort (see the ‘Digging Caerau Booklet’ for a review of last year’s dig) and discovered the remains of at least five Iron Age roundhouses and the remains of a Roman settlement dating from the 1st to 3rd centuries AD. A further small trench through the inner hillfort rampart seemed to show that it had been rebuilt in the early Medieval period – more commonly known as the Dark Ages – suggesting we might even have an important settlement at Caerau during this elusive and mysterious time.

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