CAER Part [3]

SHARE with Schools Postgraduate Coordinator Mel continues her adventures in trying to trace the Caerau, Cardiff hillfort through the historical record!

Going Medieval

The Story Continues

This year, the archaeological dig part of the CAER Heritage Project has been amazing. We have uncovered evidence of definite Neolithic activity, with a possible causewayed enclosure that was never settled even in the Iron Age that we can see, which brings the story right back to the first farmers of Britain, over 6,000 years ago.

Check out the CAER Heritage Project’s blog for more information and the latest updates!

Meanwhile, my research is taking me back into the rabbit warren of sources and Latinizations of Medieval Welsh names.

I blogged previously about the difficulties of looking for “Caerau” in the source material when “the fortifications” is hardly a stand-out name in an area full of “fortifications” of one type or another. Given the ancient importance of this site, embedded firmly (as it surely must have been) in oral tradition and folk memory, how likely is it…

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