You can contact the team at Please note that if you are a teacher interested in us coming to your school, we can only visit a limited number of schools and must do so on a widening access remit.

Or, start up a conversation on Twitter @SHAREwithSchool

This year’s (2016-17) project co-ordinator team


Dr David Wyatt
Graham Getheridge

Postgraduate coordinators

Nicolas McDermot
Konstantinos Trimmis

Previous Postgraduate coordinators

David Colwill
Catherine Underwood-Horler
Melissa Julian-Jones
Hannah Buckingham
Beth Jenkins
Willa Oddleifson
Tom George
Matthew Law
Sarah Doherty
Ioannis Smyrnaios
Heather Crowley
Stephanie Saunders
Jonathan Langston
Olja Mladjenovic
Kate Tinson
Matt Vince
Rhiannon Philp