Below is the list of volunteers who participated in SHARE with Schools for 2014/15. Thanks so much for your help guys, we really couldn’t do it without you! Volunteers in bold fulfilled the eligibility criteria for the new SHARE with Schools Certificate of Achievement.

Participating student volunteers for the Class of 2014/15 were:

  • Abbie Roberts
  • Belinda Murphy
  • Ben Dillon
  • Benjamin Jacob Dillon
  • Bethany Jane Cox
  • Chloe Burdett
  • Chris Fung
  • Chris Griffiths
  • Elizabeth Nicholson
  • Harriet Lomax
  • Jacob Henry Deacon
  • Jonathan Cook
  • Jonathan Gilbert
  • Jonathan Langston
  • Katie Rees-Williams
  • Kelsey Louise Clarke
  • Laura Rees
  • Liberty Vaz Townsend
  • Louise Morgan
  • Louise Thomas
  • Lynden Rickwood
  • Mike Fahey
  • Rachael Mott
  • Rachel Angharad Pugh
  • Talia Brown
  • Thomas Owen Miles Snook
  • Tom Allen

All names listed underwent training in our workshops and toolkits and also delivered our engagement activities in local schools or at Cardiff University. If you think you should be on the list or would like us to remove your name from the list please contact us.

You may wish to view the identified employability skills that are developed by participating in SHARE with Schools outreach activities.