First trip to Willows High School

Some photos from our recent trip to Willows High School in Tremorfa, Cardiff, where we delivered our medieval and 19th century workshops. It was our first ever trip to Willows. We were delighted with some of the responses given and work that the groups produced, and especially impressed that the pupils stayed engaged with us for the two hours, each class having both workshops without a break. We look forwards to our second trip to the School, where we will be running our Romans workshop for the day.

I’ve been promised some more photos from the day and will get them up as soon as they are provided.


Fantastic feedback from Michaelston College pupils

We have just received some fantastic feedback from year 7 pupils at Michaelston College who took part in our ‘Romans in Wales’ workshop earlier today.

Here are some of their comments:

quotation-open‘The lesson about the Romans was amazing. It made me realise that I would like to go to Cardiff University to help the archaeologists when I am older. It was really fun and interesting. I find it amazing that artefacts from thousands of years ago are still around today and will probably survive for many more years. The lesson was very educational and my favourite artefacts were the sword, helmet and the bowl with the engravings on it. Thank you so much for teaching us about the Romans. I don’t think that there could be anything for you to improve on.’

quotation-open‘I found this lesson very enjoyable and educational, my favourite part was when we got to hold and feel the artefacts. I would’ve liked to see all the artefacts. It made me realise that I want to go to Cardiff University to study history…I really like the students because they were very kind and helpful.’

quotation-open‘I really liked our lesson on History and Archaeology it was so cool, I loved the clothes, helmet and the sword they were my favourite. The helmet was so heavy! It is so unbelievable that all of artefacts are over 2000+ years old! I can’t even imagine what it was like 2000 years ago! I would never want to go back in time. I didn’t realise how interesting Archaeology was! I think you have interested me enough for me to study Archaeology in University/College. We really liked you coming in and sharing all your stuff with us.’

Excellent job, SwS team! Enjoy some (blurry) photos from the workshops at Michaelston College as a treat.

Workshops delivered w/c 10th Mar 2014

Many thanks to the excellent student volunteers who made last week’s sessions on Romans in Wales and Cynon Valley in the Nineteenth Century, delivered at Cathays High School and Blaengwawr Comprehensive, so brilliant:

  • Alice Spotorno
  • Hannah Thomas
  • Rosa Harriss
  • Kate Arildsen
  • Shane Govinden
  • Emily Cowan
  • Rosa Harriss
  • Dan Jewson
  • Bethan Lloyd

(If I’ve left anyone out, let us know.)


Fitzalan museum curator challenge

Here are a couple of the great exhibits from the museum display challenge that we set pupils at Fitzalan High School as part of their Eisteddfod.  The task: identify, research and catalogue the objects on their table, then design and curate an exhibition. There were some brilliant ideas flying around and Eisteddfod house points abounded.

In the overheard words of one pupil: “I’m glad we did this Miss. I thought it was going to be boring but it was really good!”

Below are some pictures of one class’s efforts.

Roman display

Romans at home and at war

Cynon Valley domestic items

Cynon Valley domestic items exhibit: note that the group made up and printed their information cards during the class time (we were impressed!)